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Deer Island | Solo/Duo/Trio | Newbie/Noob Friendly | Biweekly Server Image
Deer Island | Solo/Duo/Trio | Newbie/Noob Friendly | Biweekly Custom Map
0 / 150 players
A vending machine in Rust


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Rules & Information

- 1.1: Avoid roaming with players outside your team.
- 1.2: No roaming, raiding, or engaging in PVP with a group of 3 or more.
- 1.3: Teammates cannot be swapped with other groups.
- 1.4: Prohibited from supplying explosives, materials, or guns to another team.
- 1.5: No giving away your base to another player or team.
- 1.6: No Griefing (blocking TC, sealing the base)
- 1.7: Avoid being in a voice-chat or stream with players outside your team during PVP or Raids.

- 1.8: PVP is encouraged, but not mandatory.
- 1.9: Expect PVP when visiting monuments, loot drops, or locked crates.

- 2.0: Cheating or scripting results in a permanent ban with no appeal.
- 2.1: A cheater on your team leads to all teammates being banned by association.
- 2.2: Using automation for farming, trading, or interacting with NPCs will result in a ban, including macros or automation for selling items to NPCs at the bandit camp.

- Welcome to our laid-back server! Our focus is on creating a friendly environment. If you happen to take down a new player, show some kindness by reviving them. This isn't your typical cutthroat PVP server-it's all about enjoying the game together.